Who is Cenan Ozen?

Hello, my name is Cenan. I am a software developer and I currently live in Istanbul.

I usually work on Ruby On Rails or full stack javascript projects. I have used python, php, java and many other technologies in the past.
I open source and prefer to use open source tools and technologies.
My open source projects can be found at github.com/cenan

I speak English and Turkish. I studied german at high school for three years but I've mostly forgot it. Currently I am learning Esperanto on Duolingo

My projects:

DbDesigner is an online tool for managing database schemas. I've built it using ruby on rails and backbone.js
Etkinliksehri is a self-service ticketing platform. I have developed the project using ruby on rails. I am currently the principle software consultant


I am available for hire, you can contact me at me@cenanozen.com